Our Staff

Melissa Pirtle

Worship Leader / Arts and Drama Director

Melissa Pirtle is the Worship Leader and Art Director of Northwest Believers Church.  Both music and the arts have always been an integral part of Melissa’s life.  She has served in numerous choirs, productions, and multiple worship teams.

Melissa believes it is both a privilege and honor to serve God through praise and worship and the arts.  She encourages others to use the gifts God has blessed them with and to be passionate about that calling.  In addition, Melissa is very passionate about teaching the younger generation on how to flow and heed to the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Melissa and her husband James reside in Katy, Texas with two adult children.

James Pirtle

Media Director / Ministry of Helps Director

From the day one James Pirtle has been an intricate part of the leadership at Northwest Believers Church.

James is the Director of Ministry of Helps and Media Department.

The Ministry of Helps has been a vital part of James’ life. He has served and overseen many areas of the Ministry of Helps for many years.  James honors the fact that servanthood is key to a successful life and wants others to have this as well. His heart is that a servant is more than an usher, greeter, or children’s worker.  James believes as a servant, you are touching lives and being a blessing to your local church.

James and his wife Melissa reside in Katy, Texas with two adult children.

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